A Year of Sundays
A Collection of HHR Scenes
by Bernie Spaunhorst

Bernie saw it a challenge to spend an hour or two on fifty-two consecutive Sundays, capturing images of Heritage of Hawk Ridge.

On some Sundays, he had a particular theme or subject in mind before he set out. On others Sundays, he merely captured things that presented themselves as he walked through the community.

On all Sundays, his goal was to remain open to the beautiful, the unusual, and the unexpected. 

July thru December – Pages 1 – 41 

January thru June – Pages 42 – 80

For those who are interested in learning some of Bernie’s photography skills, take a look at the handouts he created that explain his techniques. This information was originally presented in the classes he offered at HHR during 2018.

Class 1 Photo Composition
*Handout – A Dozen Cousins
*Handout – Direction of Light
*Handout – General Photography Tips
*Handout – Outdoor Lighting Tips
*Handout – Indoor Lighting Tips
*Handout – Strategies for dealing with distracting backgrounds

Class 2 Photo Management
*Class 2 Master Handout with slide info

Class 3 DSLR Cameras
*Class 3 Master Handout
*Class 3 Handout Crop Factor Explained

Class 4 Creating Photo Books
*Class 4 Handout Photobook Site Reviews
*Class 4 Handout Steps for creating a Custom Photobook
…. on the Shutterfly Website