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Care & Concern Committee:

     The Care and Concern Committee, along with the help of neighbors, tries to identify the needs of the community residents in matters of sickness and loss and provides support in those trying times. The Committee accomplishes this by sending cards and flowers, visiting the residents in their homes and/or hospital, and by providing food and limited transportation. 

     The Committee also welcomes new residents with information regarding community affairs. It also strives to encourage the well-being of all our community through health and wellness-related education.

Computer Club:

     Ask-A-Geek  sessions are on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month, 2:00 p.m. in the Clubhouse. Click here to go to the Computer Club/Ask-A-Geek page.

Out & Abouts: 

OUT to have enjoyable experiences & ABOUT helping ourselves and others. Click Here to go to the Out & About page.

Questers – Heritage Adventurers Chapter:

This is a chapter of Missouri State Questers, which is part of International Questers. The goal of the Heritage Adventurers is to encourage the preservation, restoration, and conservation of historic buildings, sites, and antiquities.

Woodworking Club: 

The purpose of this Club is to “make sawdust … and encourage working with wood.” Click on Woodworking Club to go to the website HERE.

Genealogy Club:

All are invited who have an interest in researching their family history, want to learn more about the process and share helpful information/tips with others. To view Genealogy Club materials, click here.