What’s New — updated October 28, 2020

As of October 27, 2020, the
Heritage of Hawk Ridge Board of Directors
and their terms of office are:

John Shaal, President
   jrshaal@yahoo.com ————–12-31-2020
Linda Bird, Director
Jeff Ford, Director
   fordjm222@gmail.com ———–12-31-2021
Larian Johnson, Vice President
———— 12-31-2022

Fred McGavran, Treasurer
fmcgavran@charter.net ———— 12-31-2022 

The HHR Directory was updated on October 27. 
     407 homes     690 residents     574 email addresses
Changes will be made to the online directory and the contact info at the top and bottom of the directory as homes change owners, etc. If you see that your info is out of date, send an email to hhr.news@charter.net with the corrections.
The photo directories are available with a total of 282 pictures. For quicker loading, it is divided A-L and
M-Z. If you are part of the half not shown, i.e. your picture is not yet there, send it to the office or to hhr.news@charter.net to be included. 

Be sure to check the Flyer tab under the Our Community menu. New flyers are being added all through the month. You can also access the monthly Calendar and the Celebrations Calendars (Birthday and Anniversary list) by clicking HERE.

The January thru September 2020 Financial and Golf reports have been posted in the secure area of this website.
The 2016 thru 2020 Budgets are available on the same site.

Beginning October 9, 2015, we posted a Preferred Provider listing in the password-protected section of the web page. Currently, we have received recommendations from 159 residents in the 24 listed categories. If you haven’t sent in your favorite contractor, download a copy of the recommendation sheet from the website. Look under Our Community, Forms.

Remember the latest feature added to the Providers site called Sell, Buy & Borrow. Residents can see a listing of items for sale from other residents as well as offer items for sale or loan. Take a look at the format used and send the appropriate info (and picture) to hhr.news@charter.net. Currently, there are several items listed for sale plus some free and needed items.

Residents have access to copies of the ARC (Architectural Request for Change) form, the Room Rental Request Form and the new Landscape Service Comment Sheet from the FORMS link under the “Our Community” drop-down menu. The Service Providers recommendation form is also linked from that page.

Current versions of the HHR Bylaws, Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, Amendments to the Declaration, and the Restated Rules & Regulations are posted on this site. Go to the “Our Community” drop-down menu or click here. As of June 2019, the Bylaws, the Indexed Declaration and Rules are searchable using the Control-F function. All have a Table of Contents as well as word search.
Financial info is available from the “Resident Log In” drop-down menu. That menu requires an ID and password, which also provides access to the Directory and Preferred Provider list.

FYI – The DNI contact phone number is listed with the “important numbers” at the top and bottom of the HHR online directory, along with a helpful list of local information.

Remember to put your used printer cartridges in the marked box in the Computer Room for recycling. Those cartridges are recycled and redeemed for paper and toner for the printers in the Clubhouse Business Center.

For those who are interested in details about the proposed improvements to Route N, MoDOT has prepared a 38-page report describing the fast track plan. You can see the entire report by clicking HERE. If you only want to see the options on their maps, download the report and jump to pages 26 thru 32. MoDOT considers the improvement to be a high priority.

Instructions showing how to use the AED (automated external defibrillator) that is located next to the door just inside the fitness room of the Clubhouse can be accessed by clicking HERE. You may have to click on the big red rectangle or the start triangle in the lower left corner of the red box.

Click on the following link to access the list of important City phone numbers.
Who to Call – LSL

Bernie S. continues to take some really nice pictures as he roams around HHR.
Check out the latest ones here:
This little guy is a Cope’s gray tree frog.

Here are some close shots of a robin’s nest.